School Policy

Students with unsatisfactory progress at Dallas Barber & Styling College;
We may have to spend extra time with those students whose progress is slow for natural reasons. However, for students who show no incentive on their own part, the institution can do nothing but dismiss them and drop them from the rolls.

Furthermore, if a student's training is interrupted for unsatisfactory progress under the following conditions.

  1. Has poor or failing grades.
  2. Advancement and progress in the course are not acceptable.
  3. Is careless and indifferent towards his/her work.
  4. Uncooperative with School Staff or Fellow Students.
  5. Does not have the ability to make satisfactory progress in the work.

They will be placed on probation for a period not to exceed one month. At the end of the probationary period, if progress of student is still found unsatisfactory, his/her training will be interrupted. Weekly tests are given to students, to determine progress being made, and the information as to grades is furnished to them. A straight grading method is used; the required average is 70%. Below 70% is considered failure.

Students dismissed for unsatisfactory progress are eligible for re-entry after a 30-day waiting period. Re-entry students will be on a 30-day probationary period. All make-up work shall be authorized by the President or the School Director, for the purpose of removing an absence or tardy. As required by the TDLR, monthly records of hours attended by each student are submitted by the Institution to the offices of the TDLR, Austin, Texas. Currently, the law requires 1500 Clock Hours for Class "A" Barbers Student will be dismissed for unsatisfactory attendance when in excess of the provisions of the proceeding limit of absences.

This institution takes pride in the fact that it has been unable to supply the demand for graduates of Dallas Barber & Stylist College. The majority of students who graduate from this institution and meet the school requirements have been placed in reputable shops.

Graduates have been placed not only in the City of Dallas, but also in surrounding towns, and other states.

This institution maintains an up-to-date record of job opportunities, and makes this list available to those graduating from this school.

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